15:03 Ticket #434 (Field Actions - can enter new depth, but can't enter new azimuth and dip?) created by eyu
I was doing some tests to answer Doug N's questions and see that if I …
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15:52 Ticket #315 (Current Equipment page does not properly filter on "Is Currently ...) closed by pacharya
worksforme: Works fine. Maybe it got fixed along the way and the ticket did not get …
15:40 Ticket #430 (Bootstrap onsite logger - loggerconfig date fix) closed by pacharya
fixed: Fixed and deployed to production on 2/29/16
15:40 Ticket #420 (Delete Site Epoch Contents produces integrity constraint error) closed by pacharya
fixed: Fixed and deployed to production on 2/29/16
13:12 Ticket #433 (Allow user to get online channels for a given date) created by eyu
From Philip Crotwell: On the main page for a station, the "current …


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14:55 Ticket #432 (Make a report that shows users sites which have response changes more ...) created by eyu
It would be good to if there could be a report - perhaps network or …
14:50 Ticket #431 (Change ExtStationXML writer to write out cosmos code for sensors and ...) created by eyu
place in ExtStationXML schema: sis:EquipBaseType / sis:COSMOSModelNumber …


17:19 Ticket #430 (Bootstrap onsite logger - loggerconfig date fix) created by pacharya
Update sp to use the ondate for the earliest active channel, instead of …


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10:44 Ticket #395 (Be able to change logger configuration date) closed by eyu
fixed: Now in production SIS


16:51 Ticket #429 (Need to be able to bootstrap multisite loggers) created by eyu
Right now users cannot do any field actions on loggers that have been …
16:46 Ticket #177 (Test appchannel defaults with SIS v2.0 environment) closed by eyu
fixed: moving this to request tracker as it is a SCSN issue.
16:30 Ticket #291 (Update Training docs) closed by eyu
fixed: Closing this ticket - new tickets will be written for when new …
16:29 Ticket #171 (Reload NRL) closed by eyu
fixed: reloaded 2/9/16. After this NRL will be reloaded as cron job.
16:27 Ticket #85 (Cosmos table tags need to updated) closed by eyu
16:23 Ticket #226 (Load standard station xml) closed by eyu
fixed: Philip Crotwell has made a converter from FDSN StationXML to …
16:21 Ticket #275 (How to notify third parties of Publish for the stations they care about) closed by eyu
fixed: We've made an atom feed that shows when files have been updated. Aparna …
16:10 Ticket #116 (Implement data guard to synch sisdb2 and sisdb1) closed by eyu
fixed: sisdb1 is a logical standby of sisdb2
16:09 Ticket #412 (make Philip Crotwell a wiki account) closed by eyu
15:56 Ticket #250 (Create wiring template step 2) closed by eyu
fixed: looks like this column is removed.
15:54 Ticket #202 (Populate_RdSEED does not populate channels with only gain information) closed by eyu
fixed: closing - Aparna says this issue resolved
15:51 Ticket #178 (Test V0 file creation) closed by eyu
15:50 Ticket #72 (Migration of SIS v1.0 database to v.2 production environment) closed by eyu
15:37 Ticket #58 (CSV Export from list views) closed by eyu
fixed: Justin has added links to be able to export csv's from the following …
15:35 Ticket #175 (Test loading AQMS stationXML reader) closed by eyu
fixed: We have been using the dataless loader developed by Stephane for a year. …
15:29 Ticket #221 (QC: Equipment in two places at the same time) closed by eyu
fixed: closing -- we have migrated to 2.0 for over a year
12:39 Ticket #428 (Integrate NRL Browser Javascript into Datastream Template Creation) created by jjaram
Philip Crotwell created a javascript application that allows user to …
12:20 Ticket #402 (Efficient Navigation from Home to Specific Equipment) closed by jjaram
11:52 Ticket #427 (Efficient Navigation from Home to Model Summary) created by jjaram
We have a request for an efficient path from Home to Sensor Model Summary. …
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15:30 Ticket #426 (Update size of manufacturer field) created by pacharya
Change it from 30 to 60. There was a long one that came from the NRL and …
13:52 Ticket #425 (User should be able to create a past equipment epoch) created by eyu
It looks like users can change the epoch dates of existing epochs and add …
13:39 Ticket #424 (User cannot change operator of equipment even if the user has admin ...) created by eyu
Only users who are in the "super user" group can edit the operator of an …
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00:00 Milestone Edit Historical Metadata completed
A version of Channel Manager with the same functionality as the Channel …


11:52 Ticket #423 (Return key should not submit forms) created by jjaram
User requests that the return button should not submit forms. This …


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10:41 Ticket #422 (User should be able to search for colocated sites) created by eyu
A user should be able to find which sites are colocated in SIS. I have …
10:16 Ticket #421 (User should be able to add colocated sites to an existing site) created by eyu
Currently the user can only have a site colocated with another site when …


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