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SIS User Interface Documentation

The SIS User Interface enables authenticated users to view and record station metadata in the SIS database. A login is required to access the web sites (to get an account, email and include your full name, preferred username, and Operator). Once you get your account, login and change your password immediately.

For general information about the SIS project, see SIS Documentation.

User Interface URLs

NOTE: The test and production sites point to different databases, so changing your password on one site has no effect on the other. Please read the tutorials below before attempting to update the database.

Change Log

The Change Log contains announcements of new forms, bug fixes, and general updates to the UI. It is updated more frequently than the Tutorials listed below.

SIS UI Tutorials

User Tips, SIS Glossary, FAQ, and Feature Instruction

If your question about SIS isn't answered here or you have suggestions for the documentation, e-mail us at