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Add a Station Permit to SIS

  1. First upload the permit to the SCSN Photo Album > Station Permit Section

Figure 1. Station Permits folder in SCSN Photo Album

  1. Click Add Items in left column
  2. On resulting screen, click Browse and navigate to the permit on your computer
  3. Click Submit
  4. Once uploaded, click on the permit's filename to view the first page of the document and display the unique URL
  5. Copy the permit's URL to enter into SIS, as instructed below

TIP: If you do not see the document's first page when you click the filename, but rather see a broken image icon, you can fix that by opening the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional, and saving it as PDF/E (instead of Adobe PDF). Then delete the first PDF from the photo album and reupload the PDF/E version.

  1. Log in at SIS Home Page and click on Auxiliary Station Data
  2. Click Station Permits (if you do not see Station Permits, you are not logged in)
  3. Click Create New Permit
  4. Fill out the input boxes related to the permit
    1. For Unique Name, enter station name, e.g., CI.ABC. Do not use the filename as it will be too long.
    2. Cut and paste the permit's URL from the SCSN Photo Album into URL input box
    3. Enter Location, e.g., CI.ABC
    4. Enter Start Date either by typing or select date from mini Calendar that appears
    5. Enter Expiration Date. If no expiration date, use 3000-01-01
    6. If permit is open-ended or has unusual revocation requirements, specify that in the Notes box
  5. If more than one station is covered by the permit, click Add New Row(s) and enter name of additional station(s). Alphabetized list.
  6. Click Submit
  7. If a previous permit existed at that station, modify previous permit's header to reflect year executed, and add the year to the new permit's header